2011 Chestnut Gelding

Registered AQHA and AmQHA

After 3 years of care, at his first show he won Reserve Champion Gelding over 14 horses. (photo Nov 2017) The show scene stresses him but we continue to work with him and train him. He is the most stunning moving horse and athletic horse to ride. He wants to please and enjoys his work now showing that talent that was for so long squashed.

If the moon and stars line up – we may get him showing in western dressage !





ThDarby Oct 15e Heart Breaking Story of Darby and why you should be wary of sending horses out to Professional Trainers. Just because they win does not mean though know anything about horse care and they have many skeletons in their barns.

One of the most talented and eye appealing horses under saddle you would ever see. Often likened to being a ballerina the way he could move so lightly and gracefully in the paddock with a length of stride that was exceptional.

At a high profile Professional Reining Trainers property in Qld ‘Darby’ as he is affectionately known, endured

: A torn meniscus (outed by a judge at his first show for being lame). Treated for a hoof absence in the left hind foot (no evidence of one) but was in fact lame in right hand stifle – meniscus. Observed immediately by us on inspection and then we called the vet.

: Contracted Ross River Virus  in early 2015 and went completely un-diagnosed and received no veterinary care

: Suffered from collapsing red blood cells counts over a number of months with no advice of his health suffering. Red blood cells produce the oxygen that is required to keep the body functioning. This was not related to the Ross River Fever.

Returning to Victoria for a meniscus injury, as we unloaded the horse we were confronted with a horse that was literally dying as he stepped off the truck.  He was shipped 1500 kms in June 2015, experiencing intolerable pain due to the lack of oxygen in his blood supply from little to no red blood cells being generated and in his system.

A true horseman and someone who genuinely cares about horses would never have put him on the truck.

His blood tests showed he had no white cell count and very little to no red cells. He had a complete mental and nervous breakdown. Darby was unable to function without full-time care and spent over 12-15 hours a day lying down for several months as we dealt with an array of disorders related to bad diet, illness and outright neglect by the trainer. His stress levels were so high he was marked that he may not make it and euthanasia was a considered option many times as we struggled to get him well.

Five months later in November 2015, masses of medication and care, he passed his first blood test and is producing acceptable levels of red and white cells. He has put back on over 100kg of weight to be his normal size and is looking like he should (paddock photo taken Nov 2015). He could only manage basic life in the paddock and it took a lot of care to keep him comfortable.

He started showing interest in things around the farm and comes up for cuddles. His breakdown caused him to forget how to lead or any form of handling, little own riding commands. We started to work quietly with him and he enjoyed re-training him on all the fundamentals of life. Experts came and inspected him and were shocked at the cruelty he had endured. One expert summarising it as he has Vietnam Eyes. He has been so traumatised he suffers PSD.

Tribulation (imp)Three time Reserve World Champion. Superior Halter Horse with 267 Points A prolific producer of National, International, State and Futurity Champions in both the ridden and halter arenas
Grand Sire Line:
Tribute to Sierra
– Multiple Reserve World Champion, Multiple open Futurity Champion,  ROM Halter: Superior Halter; 267 points and 70 Grand and Reserve Grand Champions; 2002 Reserve Honour Roll all age stallions
Sierras Tribute World Champion, ROM Halter. Sire of Reserve World Champions, Superior Halters, ROM Halters
Sierra Te World Champion, Top Ten World Show, Superior Halter. Sire of World Champions, Reserve World Champions, Top Ten World Show, Superior Halters, AQHA High Point Halter, AQHA Champion, ROM Performance, NSBA Money-earners
Sheza Lucky Streak Halter Point Earner. Dam of World Champion in AQHA & APHA, Reserve World Champion Offspring, in AQHA & APHA, Superior Halters, ROM Halters
Sonny Dee Bar Hall of Fame, Superior Halter, ROM Halter. ROM Performance. Sire of World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, AQHA Reserve High Point Performance Offspring, Top Ten World Show, Superior Halters, Superior Performance, AQHA High Point Performance, AQHA Champion, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, NRHA Money-earners, Race Money-earners, NSBA Money-earners
Grand Dam Line:
Skippa Print – Superior Halter Horse, Sire of Two-time IBHA Reserve World Champion, Multiple Grand Champions
Skip Print  – Sire of Superior Halter Horses, Superior Performance, ROM Performance Offspring
NSBA Money-earners


ML An Irresistabelle Choice – AQHA Superior Halter Horse, AQHA ROM Halter and Amateur Halter, 2 X Top Ten Halter Mare of Australia, Multiple State and Championship Awards at Halter
Grand-Sire Line:
Irresistabelle Zip (imp) – 75.5 Pleasure points in his first and only US show season. Superior Western Pleasure Award, Hi Point Junior Western Pleasure of US, Multiple Major Futurity winner. Sire of: Top Ten World Show offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, NSBA Money Earners. Multiple ROMs Halter and Performance Awards.
Ms Bell Star – Performance Point Earner. Producer of Superior Performance, ROM Performance, NSBA Money-earners, World Show Qualifiers
Skippa Star – World Champion 2yo and Superior Halter Award. Sire of World Champions, Reserve World Champions, Superior Halter, AQHA High Point Halter, Superior Performance, AQHA High Point Performance, AQHA Champion, ROM Halter, ROM Performance.
Skippers Lad – World Champion, Superior Halter, Superior Performance, AQHA Champion, ROM Performance, Race Money-earners.
Zippo By Choice (imp) ROM Halter.  Sire of Superior Performance, Achievement Award in Halter, ROMs Performance, Halter, Western Pleasure, Hunter under Saddle, Champion Youth Horse.
Zippo Pine Bar (reference stallion page)
Pixys Showdown – Superior Western Pleasure, ROMs Performance. Producer of ROM Performance
Zippo Pat Bars – AQHA Hall of Fame Racing, Sire of 60 ROMs Performance, 9 AQHA Champions, 28 Superior Performance Awards, NSBA Champions
Dollie Pine – AQHA Champion, Producer of Hall of Fame Offspring, Top Ten World Show Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, Halter Point Earners, Performance Point Earners
Pixys Tailwind – Halter and Performance Point Earner, Sire of Multiple Superior Performance Awards and ROMs Performance
Grand-Dam line
Frosties Choice
– Producer of multiple Superior Halter Horses, AQHA Top Ten Horse, ROMs in Western Pleasure
Delta Frost (imp) (dec) – NCHA Money Earner – Producer of performance point earners
Docs Jack Frost – NCHA money-earner, Performance Point Earner. Sire of World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA High Point Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners, NSBA Money-earners, NRCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners
Driftwood Miss – Dam of Halter Point earners
Doc Bar – Hall of Fame, Race money-earner, Halter Point Earner. Sire of Hall of Fame, World Champions, Reserve World Champions, Top Ten World Show, Superior Halter, AQHA High Point Halter, Superior Performance, AQHA Champion, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, NCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners
Chantella – Halter Point Winner. Producer of Race Winners, Multiple ROMs Performance
Driftwood Ike (x Driftwood) – ROM Performance, 2nd Hi Point Steer Roping. Sire of AQHA Champion, Multiple ROMs Performance, Youth World Champion, Youth Rsve World Champion

An Irresistabelle Tribute
Tribulation (imp)
Tribute to Sierra
Sierras Tribute by Sierra Te
Sheza Lucky Streak – Sonny Dee Bar
Fancy Print Two
Skippa Print by Skip Print
Lews Sissy Garcia
ML An Irresistabelle Choice
Irresistabelle Zip (imp)
Zippo Pine Bar
MS Bell Star by Skippa Star
Frosties Choice
Zippo By Choice (imp)
Delta Frost (imp)